Here are some interesting facts about our UKISS!

    • Eli’s favorite color is PURPLE.
    • Kevin’s favorite color is BLUE.
    • DongHo’s favorite color is PINK.
    • SooHyun’s favorite color is RED.
    • KiSeop’s favorite color is BLACK.
    • U-KISS uses Rock, Paper, Scissors to make decisions.
    • Kevin always loses in “Rock, Paper, Scissors”.
    • Sometimes, U-KISS is so busy that they do not even get to eat lunch.
    • Eli’s real name is Kim Kyungjae.
    • Suzy is Dongho’s favorite member of Miss A.
    • At one concert, 6 members were given 5 mics and had to perform live sharing mics.
    • Kevin has a lot of look alikes in the kPop Industry, especially GIRLS.
    • At one time, U-Kiss’ backstage room was labeled ‘U-Kizz’.
    • U-KISS loves dancing to SNSD’s songs.
    • Eli has said that his girlfriends are the KissMes.
    • Kevin really likes girls with soft hands.
    • Eli is shy to show off his armpit hair on screen.
    • Kiseop is interested in girls that are short and bookworms.
    • Kiseop says that if he was not a Singer, he would be a Photographer.
    • From in 2011, U-KISS sold 19,194 BRAN NEW KISS albums. This made it the 29th best selling album of the year (‘till may).
    • Kevin says that he is pretty and perfect in his own ways.
    • DongHo made up words on the word STUPID: Super Talented Unique Person In Demand; And he thinks that he is STUPID in his own way.
    • Kiseop’s first impression of Soohyun? Manager.. lol
    • When talking about girls, Kevin is usually quiet.
    • Kevin is said to be the most emotional member in the group.

    • Eli always has his handphone charger in his bag, he said he’ll be in trouble if he doesnt have it.
    • U-KISS loves watching romantic movies together and ends up talking about their love life.
    • SooHyun loves showing off his abs.
    • U-KISS feels small when they are around other kPop idols who are more ahead of them.
    • “My wish is for U-KISS to be number one.” — Eli.
    • “My wish is for my supporters to give me more love.” — Kevin.
    • Kevin loves Justin Bieber’s songs. Especially his Baby and Eenie Meenie.
    • Eli’s number 1 speed dial is his mom, but he calls his dad the most.
    • According to Kevin, Eli doesn’t wear anything when he sleeps.
    • Soohyun’s first love was in the first year of Middle School.
    • Dongho named his dog ‘Bbo Bbo’.
    • Eli’s mother looks like Lee Dahae.
    • Kevin: Gee and Oh! is very addicting! Kiseop: No it isnt. *Gee plays on TV* *Kiseop dances along* *Kevin laughs*.
    • Eli wants to be a Hollywood actor.
    • Kiseop is afraid of heights.
    • Ukiss Didn’t Guest on EAT BULAGA(PH SHOW) because Dongho overslept.
    • SooHyun doesn’t like it when girls spend money to buy gifts for him.
    • Eli loves accepting caps from his fans.
    • Kevin loves accepting gifts from KISS MEs. He’ll accept anything as long as it comes from a fan.
    • Kevin define love as a song.
    • Soohyun once said that Kevin doesnt act girly behind the cameras.
    • Kevin can do bending.
    • Soohyun likes to go abroad so he can eat a lot of unusual food.
    • “It’s really hard to delete pictures and all those memories but it’s even harder to delete that person from your heart.” — Kevin
    • “Without Eli, there’s no reason to laugh, We laugh because of him”– Soohyun

    • Kiseop pouts in most of the pictures.
    • “I want to be featured in a girl group’s song” — Soohyun
    • SooHyun’s hobbies are Soccer and playing the piano
    • When Kiseop gets nervous he talks really fast and stutters.
    • DongHo once knitted a handkerchief with the wordings “KISS ME” on it.
    • DongHo loves playing around with his hyung.
    • “Age is just a number.” — Eli
    • U-Kiss didn’t search for porn videos but they watched it because of Soohyun.
    • “Never stop believing. Dreams really do come true so aim high!” — Kiseop
    • “I just crush a lot, but i am NOT a player” – Dongho
    • Soohyun and Kevin once said they were polar opposites .
    • DongHo usually pays no attention to his hyungs.
    • One of Kevin’s nickname is ‘fish’ .
    • “Frangrances carry Memories.” – Eli
    • Eli loves taking self-cam vids of themselves when they are reheasing.
    • “When I have a talk fight against female friends, I always lose. ” -DongHo
    • During free time, DongHo usually plays with his PSP
    • Soohyun has a Gucci wallet that he bought himself.
    • Soohyun can’t play billiard well
    • The member who is closest to eli is dongho.
    • Eli was mad at Dongho because Dongho borrowed his clothes and returned it in dirty condition, he didn’t say sorry..
    • Soohyun does 100 push-ups for his warm up at the gym

Credits:All the KMs around


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